Dad, first and foremost. Long-time OSS user/admin, fairly decent coder - mostly. Master of Science in Molecular Medicine, many years' experience in biotech working in immunology and cancer research. Science and computer geek. Currently working in commercial construction management...

I am currently the only recipient of the , , and gold badges on Stack Overflow. Feel the power of the dupe-hammer!

Do you love Sublime Text? Looking for a color scheme that looks good in lots of languages and takes advantage of as many language features as possible? Check out my Neon Color Scheme, available through Package Control.

Also, check out Python Improved, a better, updated Python syntax definition for Sublime. Fixes many bugs with the existing syntax, and adds new scopes for IPython, Python 3 support, and much more. Use Neon for customized syntax highlighting, or modify your favorite color scheme.

Looking for a great Linux hosting provider geared toward developers with shell access, a bunch of ready-to-deploy apps, and awesome tech support? Check out WebFaction, my favorite alternative to the big hosting beasts. They run CentOS 7 x64, have datacenters around the world, and have a full suite of regularly-updated development and deployment tools. And did I mention they're cheap? My basic plan is just US$8.50/mo! Check out all these other features:

  • Full control over shell access (multi-user capability), email, and DNS.
  • Python, Ruby/Rails, PHP, Java, Perl, shell scripts...
  • Ability to install whatever software tools you need, and execute long-running processes.
  • nginx and Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB...
  • "One-click" (actually, several clicks and some typing) installers for a whole bunch (and different versions) of popular applications like Django, Rails, WordPress, Drupal...
  • and a ton of other stuff.

I honestly don't know of any other hosting provider that has a similar product, and if one exists I can't imagine it's as cheap. No, I don't work for them, I'm just a very satisfied customer. Yes, those are affiliate links, if you sign up then I get a little kickback - no cost to you.

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