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Why hasn't this question been closed?

I came across this question and wondered why it hasn't been closed. It seems to be both opinion based and too broad (two questions in the post). As a moderator in GIS.SE, I would not hesitate to ...
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2 answers

Should the request for blade graphic question be changed?

This question got a close vote from be as it is asking for external resources it not useful to all users and we want people to stay here. Is there a collection of good reference signage for saw ...
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How is the bracket question on topic?

This question Custom Wood Shelf Brackets is just asking about the brackets themselves. The wood shelf is only part of this that is wood related. That fact is not pertinent to the question. I guess it ...
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Let's make the off topic close reasons more specific

According to the help center, we have some specific topics that are considered off topic: Help identifying a particular piece of wood (for example, by looking at a picture) Product or vendor ...
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Does the "every answer is equally valid" criterion apply?

I took a shot at answering In what cases is it NOT useful to have more than one of the same tool?, but I found it necessary to reframe the question somewhat in order to write an answer that didn't ...
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What should our custom close reasons be? [closed]

Right now, if you are voting to close a question, the off topic because... menu only contains three items: This question does not appear to be about woodworking, within the scope defined in the help ...
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