At this point in my woodworking I am not comfortable nor do I have the proper setup to do this safely (That and my wife said no). Fumes and working temperature are my hurdles.

Would 2 separate questions about making my own stains and finishes be too broad. At least for stains there are many different ways but they are mostly rooted with the same ideas.

  • There's no way to know without a bit more detail about the proposed questions themselves. – Niall C. Mar 30 '15 at 16:42

Without knowing what problems you are asking about specifically, it's a bit difficult to know if your question is "too broad."

In general, consider if your question is specific enough that it can be reasonably be completely answered in this format. A question like "How do I make stain?" is more the subject of a book than anything that can be reasonably answered in this format… so that's too broad. But if you're actually somewhat knowledgeable in this area and get stuck on a specific problem, that sounds like a "right sized" question for this site.

Whether you're actually asking one question or two is a different matter. If you're reasonably certain that your two use cases are rooted in the same "problem", I would simply say so and ask it as one question. If it turns out you are wrong, it is simple enough to ask a new question in another thread.

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